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100 Policies
CSD School Board "100" Policies (pdf). Contents include... Governing Style, Board Member Code of Conduct, Accountability of the District Administrator, Board Committee Principles, Mission Statement, District Philosophy, Strategic Plan, Legal Status, Community Involvement in Decision Making, Staff Involvement in Decision Making, Student School Board Representatives, School Board Elections, Filling Board Vacancies, Board Officers, School Attorney, School Board Powers and Duties, Board Policy Making, Board Policy Development, Policy Review and Evaluation, Policy Dissemination, Administration in Policy Absence, Board Review of Administrative Rules, Goal Setting, Board Member Authority, School Board Conferences, Conventions, and Workshops, Board Member Compensation and Expenses, Board Member Code of Ethics, Board Member Conflicts of Interest, Regular Board Meetings, Notification of Meetings, Special Board Meetings, Executive (Closed) Sessions, Agenda Format, Agenda Preparation and Dissemination, Supplementary Items to Board Agenda, Rules of Order, Quorum, Voting Method, Minutes, Public Participation at Board Meetings.
200 Policies
CSD School Board "200" Policies (pdf). Contents include... Monitoring District Administrator?s Performance, Communication and Counsel to the Board, District Administrator, Appointment of District Administrator, Administrative Leaves and Vacations, Administrator Request for Absence, Board-District Administrator Relations, District Administrator - Job Description, Administrator?s Termination of Employment, District Administrator Evaluation, Central Administration, High School Principal ? Job Description, Middle School Principal ? Job Description, Elementary School Principal ? Job Description, Director of Guidance/Counseling, School Psychologist IEP Evaluation Team Leader ? Job Description, K-12 Counselor ? Job Description, Community Education Coordinator ? Job Description, Athletic Director ? Job Description, Food Service Supervisor ? Job Description, Buildings and Grounds Supervisor ? Job Description, Administrative Assistant/Bookkeeper ? Job Description, Administrative Assistant/Budget-Accounts Payable ? Job Description, Administrative Assistant/Receptionist-Clerical ? Job Description, Technology Network and Computer Consultant ? Job Description, K-12 Reading, Title I Coordinator, Curriculum Steering Committee Chair ? Job Description, Title IX Native American Consultant ? Job Description, Rules and Policy Implementation, Temporary Administrative Assignments, Student Handbooks.
300 Policies
323 Special Observance Days, Curriculum Development, Basic Instructional Program, Supervised Work Experience Policy, Supervised Work Experience, Supervised Work Experience Responsibilities, Teaching About Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco Driver?s Education, Screening Program, Special Education Work-Study Guidelines, Homebound Instruction, Children At Risk, Gifted and Talented Program, Title I Policy for Special Education Students and English Language Learner (ELL) Students, Title I Parent Involvement Activities, Comparability Policy, Elementary and Secondary Education Act ? Accountability Policy, Limited English Proficiency Study, School Age Parent Program, School Age Parent Program Guidelines, Limited English Proficiency, ELL Program Exit and Reclassification, Advanced Placement, Advanced Placement Guidelines, Class List Development Policy for K-6, Class Size, Youth Options Program, Guidelines for Awarding High School Credit for Youth, Options Program Courses, Student Placement Policy, Graduation Exercises, Grading System, Class Rank Policy, Grading Guidelines, Retention Policy ? Grades K-4, Retention Guidelines and Procedures, K-4 Student Retention Recommendation Form, Retention Policy ? Grades 5-8, Acceleration Policy, Grade Advancement Policy ? Grades 4 & 8, Portrait of a Graduate, Graduation Requirements, Early Graduation, Guidelines for Early Graduation, Early Graduation Commencement Exercises, Student Assessment, Testing Guidelines, Maintenance and Confidentiality of Student Records, Guidelines for the Maintenance and Confidentiality of Student Records, Annual Notice ? Student Records, Summer SchoolField Trips, Field Trips Procedures, Field Trip Consent Form, Field Trip Application Form, Senior Class Trip, Volunteers in the Schools, Volunteer Agreement, Volunteer Program Responsibilities, Admission of Foreign Exchange Students, Selection and Adoption of Instructional Materials, Library Materials, Textbooks and Software, Request for Evaluation of Instructional Materials, Citizen?s Complaint Concerning Instructional Materials, Textbook Selection Form, Resource Sharing / Inter-Library Loan Policy Computer, Internal Network, Electronic Mail, and Internet Acceptable Use Policy for Students, Technology Use Agreement for Students Computer, Internal Network, Electronic Mail, and Internet Acceptable Use Policy for Students, Guidelines for Creation and Maintenance of Internet Web Pages Publishing on the Internet, Permission Form to Publish Student Pictures with Name and Work with Name on the Internet, Technology Concerns for Students with Special Needs, Guidance/Counseling Policy, Student Co-Curricular Activities Student Organizations/Fund Management, Student Social Events, Dance Regulations, Student Performances, Musical or Drama Production Selection, Student Fund-Raising Activities and Public Sales and Solicitations, Booster/Support Groups, Booster/Support Groups Guidelines, Tournament or Similar Event Attendance, Tournament or Similar Event Attendance Guidelines, Prayer in the Schools, Animals in the School, Animals in the School Guidelines, Addition, Deletion or Modification of Programs, Curriculum, Extra-Curricular Programs, & Unit or Course Curricula
400 Policies
CSD School Board "400" Policies (pdf). Contents include... Equal Education Opportunity and Non-Discrimination Policy, Public Notification of Non-Discrimination Policy, Student Harassment/Bullying Policy, Full-Time Student. School Admissions, Student Placement Procedures, Transfer Student Admission Procedures, Enrollment/Census Form, Procedure for Admission of New Students, Application for Early Admission to Kindergarten, Application for Early Admission to Kindergarten, Policy for Private School and Home-Based Student Part-Time Attendance Option, Open Enrollment Program, Admission of Students Participating Under Open-Enrollment, Students Participating in Virtual Education, Virtual Education ? Request to Enroll, Compulsory Student Attendance, Student Attendance Procedures, Student Involvement in Decision Making, Student Conduct, Code of Student Conduct, Student Use of Tobacco Products, Student Alcohol and/or Drug Use, Disciplinary Procedures for Student Alcohol and Other Drug Use Policy Violations, Test for Alcohol Use ? Policy, Test for Alcohol Use ? Procedures, Possession or Use of Weapons, Electronic Devices, Student Conduct With Laser Pens, Locker Room Privacy, Student Interrogations/Interviews, Student Searches, Use of Physical Force by Staff, Student Suspensions/Expulsions, Student Suspensions/Expulsionsm, Student Health Care Services, First Aid Procedures, Accident Reporting, Student Immunizations, Communicable/Nuisance Disease Control, Guidelines for Dealing with Head Lice in the Schools, Procedure for Control and Treatment of Head Lice in School, Administering Medication to Students, Guidelines for Administering Medication, Parent/Guardian Medication Consent Form, Physician Order for Medication Administration, Policy for Minimizing the Risk of Latex Exposure, District Procedures ? Latex, Policy for Preventing the Transmission of HTLV-III (HIV) in the School Setting, Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect, Student Motor Vehicle Use, Suicide Prevention, Intervention or Postvention, Student Awards and Scholarships Policy, Academic Excellence Higher Education Scholarship Rank in Class Tie Breaking Procedures for the Wisconsin Academic Excellence Scholarship, Scholarship Selection Tie-Breaking Procedure, Children of Divorced/Separated Parents, Guidelines for Non-Custodial Parent Visits with a Student at School or Removal of a Student from School.
500 Policies
CSD School Board "500" Policies (pdf). Contents include... Equal Opportunity Employment, Title IX Grievance Procedure, Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 Complaint Procedures, Family and Medical Leave, Family and Medical Leave Guidelines, Family and Medical Leave Law Request Form, Physician?s Verification Statement for Family and Medical Leave, Employee Harassment, Employee Harassment Guidelines, Third Party Harassment, Staff Involvement in Decision Making, Staff Conduct/Ethics, Drug-Free Workplace, Staff Involvement in Political Activities, Conflicts of Interest, Computer, Internal Network, Electronic Mail, and Internet Acceptable Use Policy for Employees, Employee Agreement for Internet Use, Computer, Internal Network, electronic Mail, and Internet Acceptable Use Policy for Employees Provisions, Board-Staff Communications, Employees Occupationally Exposed to Bloodborne Pathogens, Employee Assistance Resource Program (EAR), HIPAA Privacy, Staff Physical Examination Requirements, Tobacco Use on School Premises by Employees, Personnel Records, Staff Complaints and Grievances, Drug and Alcohol Use by Employees, Staff Misconduct Reporting, Guidelines for Reporting Staff Misconduct, Professional Staff Positions, Teachers? Job Descriptions, Library Media Specialist Job Description, Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse (AODA) Coordinator (Job Description), Job Description for Responsible Employee of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, Job Description ? Community Police Liaison, Coaches/Advisors Duties and Responsibilities, Professional Staff Negotiations, District Administrator?s Role in Negotiations, Jury Duty, Clinic and Tournament Attendance, Staff Absence Reporting, Professional Staff Recruiting/Hiring, Substitute Teachers, Substitute Teacher Salary Schedule, Student Teachers and Interns, Resignation of Professional Staff Members, Resignation of Coaches and Advisors, Suspension and Dismissal of Professional Staff Members, Retirement of Professional Staff, Professional Staff Development Opportunities, Evaluation of Professional Staff, Guidelines and Procedures for Evaluating Professional Staff, Outside Employment by Professional Staff, Support Staff Positions, All Job Descriptions, Support Staff Recruiting/Hiring, Retirement of Support Staff, Evaluation of Support Staff, Support Staff Overtime, Outside Employment by Support Staff, Suspension and Dismissal of Support Staff.
600 Policies
CSD "600" Policies, which includes... Budgeting, Fiscal Management, Fiscal Management Goals, Annual Operating Budget, Budget Implementation, Tax And Debt Limitations (Indebtedness), State And Federal Aid Eligibility Determination, Revenues From State Tax Sources, Revenues From Federal Tax Sources, Revenues From Investments, Gate Receipts And Admissions, Free Admissions, Depository of Funds, Authorized Signatures, Student Activity Funds, Petty Cash Funds, Reserve Funds/Fund Balance, Short-Term Borrowing, Cash In School Buildings, Guidelines For Cash In The Schools, Payday Schedule, Expense Reimbursements, Payroll Deductions, Tax Sheltered Annuities , Purchasing Policy, Purchasing Procedures, Bidding Requirements, Guidelines For Supplier Bid Lists, Payment Procedures, Fiscal Accounting and Reporting, Audits, Inventories, School Properties Disposal Procedure.
700 Policies
CSD "700" Policies, which include... Safety Program Responsibilities, Building and Grounds Inspections, Employee Accident Reporting, Accident Reports, Accident Reports Procedures, School Safety Plans, Inclement Weather, Fire Drills, Cancellation Of Scheduled Extra-Curricular Activities, Emergency School Closings, Crisis Management Plan, Pandemic Influenza, Pandemic Influenza Procedures, Public Access Defibrillation Policy, Defibrillator Accountability (Quality Improvement Review), Defibrillator Accountability (Readiness Verification), Building Security, Security Cameras, Building and Grounds Maintenance, Energy Conservation, Material Resource Management, Maintenance and Control of Instructional Materials, Authorized Use of School-Owned Equipment and Furniture, Student Transportation Services, Bus Rider Discipline Procedures, School Bus Incident Report, Special Routing Requests, School Bus Safety Program, Use of Private Vehicles for Staff Travel Student Driving and Vehicle Use, Permit to Use Private Vehicle for School Business, Use of School-Owned Vehicles, Food Service Management, Food Service Guidelines, Free and Reduced Price Meals, Student Nutrition and Physical Activity , Duplicating and Copyright , Copyright Policy Acknowledgement, Request for Copyright Permission, Mail and Delivery Services, Insurance Management, Community Emergency Volunteers.
800 Policies
CSD "800" Policies, which include... Community Involvement in Decision Making, Community Education, News Releases, Access to Public Records, Guidelines for Access to Public Records, Authorized Use of School Owned Facilities, Equipment and Materials, Facility Use Group Schedule, Facility Use Fee Schedule, Application for Use of School Facilities, Hold Harmless Agreement, Tobacco Free Environment, Tobacco Use Enforcement Procedures, Possession or Use of Weapons, Enforcement Procedure for Weapons Policy Violations, Vandalism of School Property, Use of Off-Road Vehicles-Roller Blades-Skate Boards on School Property, Public Gifts to the Schools, Sales and Recruiting on School Premises, Visitors to the School, Public Complaints Concerning District Staff, Public Complaints Concerning District Staff, Complaint Form Concerning District Staff, Relations with Community Organizations, Relations with Local Government Authorities, Relations with Police Authorities, Relations with Churches and Family, Native American Policies and Procedures, State Education Agency Relations.
Indoor Enviornmental Plan
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