Talking Points


  • Projections indicate budget shortfalls for the next several years.
  • Cannot continue to operate on cuts alone and we need to inject revenue into the budget.
  • Most rural districts have been dealing with revenue shortfalls for several years.
  • We need to deal with our building upkeep needs.



  • Most rural school districts have been facing declining enrollment trends for several years. 
  • We are showing signs of leveling off.



What are the major causes of dropping revenue? 

  • Revenue Limit dictates mix of state aid and local taxpayer levies.
  • Declining enrollment.
  • Legislature adjusting revenue limit formulas that penalize public school districts.
  • Parental choice is a good thing, but legislature is putting its support behind private schools at the expense of public education.
  • Private voucher school aids coming out of total equalized aid for public schools.


Major maintenance needs looming. 
Why are there maintenance issues? 

  • The district spends money every year addressing ongoing maintenance needs.
  • Roofs are getting old and are out of warranty. Roofs are expensive and have over 18 years of service. Proactively repairing them can help avoid costly replacements on more than one roof at a time.
  • Heating and air circulation equipment is old, inefficient and costly to repair/replace. Air quality and room temperatures along with proper lighting are critical factors in providing students the proper environment for learning.
  • Due to budget issues the district has cut back its preventative maintenance program and deferring needed maintenance is no longer feasible.
  • Installing modern control equipment would allow us to address many of our air quality issues and buy us more time, especially at the high school.
  • Building exterior envelopes need to be addressed. Windows and walls that leak not only air, but water need to be replaced or repaired.
  • Exterior doors age over time and need to be replaced. This should be done with the all- important “security factor” in mind.
  • Equipment such as a maintenance truck, mowers, and floor scrubbers have been in service for many years and need to be replaced. 
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