School Closing Information

School Closing Information
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The following information is provided regarding closing of schools and delays because of inclement weather, e.g. snow, sleet, ice, fog and other severe storms and conditions.

Closing school due to weather conditions – The decision to close district schools is made by the superintendent after consultation with the transportation owner, weather bureau and sheriff’s department.  The following stations will be notified by 6:00 a.m., or as soon as conditions are known, of the decision to close district schools:

Radio Stations AM FM

  • Rice Lake WJMC 1240, WAQE 1090 WJMC FM 96.1, WAQE 97.7, WKFX 99.1
  • Shell Lake WCSW AM 940 WGMO FM 95.3
  • Minneapolis WCCO 830
  • Eau Claire WATQ FM 106.7, WBIZ 100.7

TV Stations Channel

  • St. Paul/Mpls. WCCO, Channel 4
  • St. Paul/Mpls. KSTP, Channel 5
  • St. Paul/Mpls. KMSP, Channel 9
  • St. Paul/Mpls. KARE, Channel 11
  • Eau Claire WEAU, Channel 13
  • Eau Claire WQOW, Channel 18

Delays – Under unusual and rare circumstances, a one or two-hour delay in starting time may be considered due to inclement weather conditions.  This delay will also be announced on the above-listed stations. The morning session of the early learning program in Cumberland will not be held.  

Early Dismissal of Students – Early closing of schools during the school day due to weather conditions will be announced on the above radio stations.  School personnel ARE NOT responsible for contacting parents by telephone.  Parents should make arrangements with neighbors or friends for the safe care of their children in these types of situations.  Please notify the principal of these arrangements in writing.  If early dismissal occurs during or near the lunch period, every attempt will be made to allow students to eat prior to dismissal.  We may close the afternoon session of the early learning program if inclement weather is imminent.

If early dismissal occurs or if there is no school, co-curricular, after-school and evening activities will be cancelled from the time of dismissal.

Buses – In the event a road is judged unsafe for travel, the Cumberland Bus Service will notify the schools of the students not transported.  Buses for after-school activities may be cancelled due to inclement weather.

Remember, you as the parent/guardian, have the final say whether or not your child should be traveling to school in unstable weather conditions.


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